Another Day Of Reclaiming! Vlog

Hi Y’all! Today’s Vlog is all about updates, and upcoming goodies to my shop! Happy Sewing! I have lots to do!

What the Fish! Vlog 2&3, Two for one!

Today’s Vlog is a mix of two days! You will just have to watch to see what I mean about, “What the Fish”! LOL! Happy Sewing Y’all!!




My First Vlog! More to come! This is Easy!

My First Vlog! This was easy, and I plan to do more! Why? Because I need more time to sew, and less time networking on a million other sites! Sometimes, I just have so much to write, it just may be easier say telling you in person! So, here it goes!! Happy Sewing!

Sew Reclaimed is getting a Makeover!


Hi Folks!! I have been in the process of  giving my Business a whole new Image! Primarily, I started out by just sewing clothing for children. My dream was to eventually sharpen my skills to take my reclaiming to a whole new level, by incorporating clothing and accessories for Women as well. I feel I am finally at the point where I can now take that jump! I am very excited, and nervous all in one!  I am confident moving forward, and I hope to make this blog more informative with YouTube Video Vlogs on the garments and accessories that I will be making in the future! I want this business to be fun, friendly, and most importantly, “TRENDY”! 2013-09-26At times, I am very overwhelmed with this business,  and even though I have been at it for two years now, I never felt that the image I wanted for it was quite there. I really didin’t even know what kind of image I was trying to create,but after sewing my first couple of Reconstructed Sweaters, it all became clear! Time to go back to my roots!

DSCN0310I love Rockabilly! I love Vintage! I love Alternative! I love SteamPunk! I love the Underdog!  I love Fashion that sometimes does not make sense!!! Okay, you can also say that I am a little ADD, and that I love a lot of things, and how is that going to come into play with your garments?!  I guess that is just it. I really don’t have a singular theme for my upcoming garments, only that they will have a little of everything! Avant Garde!! I guess! Or Boho Chic! I think those are the words I am looking for. Yes! I finally figured it out!

collarAvant Garde: are people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics.

Boho Chic: is a style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences.

Yup! I am a, Avant Garde Boho Chic!

Etsy Crop ProfileAs you can see I have been working very hard on my Self Photography! Yes, I said self Photography. That is where you set your camera to 10 seconds, run over to where you are going to take your pose, and act like you are not out of breath and, “STRIKE A POSE”! These pictures are preview pictures of my upcoming reconstructed sweaters!

DSCN0249When you reconstruct clothing, you have a lot of scraps left over! Here is what I did with some of the left overs. Putting my Quilting skills to the test!

Well that is all for now. Keep checking out my shop for new Items soon at:  I am just waiting for my new Labels and Zippers to be shipped, and I will be adding a whole lot more to my shop soon! As Always: Happy Sewing!!!

Keep Calm and Sew On!

Back-story: 3 Years ago we rented our house and it was destroyed. There were mice, tires, and the green carpet that now look grey! Need I say more!?  We repaired it all, and that brings us to the present. Last Friday our dishwasher leaked, and when we removed it to fix it, we found that there were old mouse  dropping and pee all back behind the cabinets. We had to rip up the counter tops to get behind the cabinets and sanitize the area. Now your all caught up. :D

Well, I am still without a counter top on the left side of my kitchen, and it looks like it will be that way for 3 weeks. The Home Depot guy will call to schedule an appointment soon to measure and give us an estimate, and then we can order the tops. My kitchen is in shambles, but at least I had Gluten Free Waffles Sunday, and that made the whole world better!! Hahaha! I froze the rest and now get to eat waffles this morning! YUM!! I received some more detailed information from the CPSIA on how I will continue to comply with the design of my removable flowered peasant dresses, and I am encouraged to move forward. I have spent countless hours researching the laws on children clothing, and believe me there has been many times I just wanted to give up and say it is just not worth it. Making children clothing has so many rules and regulations that many Crafter’s and Seamstresses are unaware of. If you don’t follow the laws, you can be fined big time. This is why when you go to my Etsy shop, you don’t see many new dresses in my shop yet. Oh yeah, this is also why I have decided not to move forward with placing my dresses at,” Downtown Shabby”. It is still a great idea, but the rent is way to high, and there was the matter of the CPSIA thing. crop red maroonThis is the new dress idea that I have on hold. It has a removable flower so that the flower can be removed before washing. I love adding a Flower to the garment because it uses even more reclaimed fabric scraps!

DSCN0041DSCN0044The removable flower is still in the works! I have run into one problem, and that is that I think the fabric is too weak around the snap attached to the dress. I am thinking of adding some iron on stabilizer. That may reinforce the dress even more.  If you have an better Idea, I am all ears, and please comments below. I love suggestions!

DSCN0049Another dress I made with the removable flower. The wood button says, “Handmade by Sew Reclaimed”

DSCN0035Reclaimed/OOAK/Upcyled, Yellow Mid-Century Inspired Peaseant Dress, Size 3T.  This dress I just listed to my Etsy shop!!

DSCN0036Folk Art Appliqued Bird with mini yellow flowered eye. (Fabric)

DSCN0037Reclaimed White Ruffle with lace down the center front.





Eventually, I will be adding Reclaimed Hair accessories with alligator clips to my Etsy Shop!! I just need to make sure what the rules are on those as well, before I sell them for women and children ages 5 and over.

Okay, that is all for today’s update! Thank you all for Subscribing, and Happy Sewing!!

Take a Look at my Etsy Shop: Here!

Sun Blogging, and New Low Etsy Shop Prices!

Howdy Friends! What a Beautiful day today in the Willamette Valley! Oregon is suppose to be beautiful all week long! I am so excited. I actually moved my computer outside to write my blog today! The only problem is that my computer screen is kind of hard to see. Oh well, the sun feels amazingly warm, and I desperately need some real Vitamin D, LOL!!!! The dishes are swishing in the dishwasher, and the laundry is swirling in the background. There is laundry needing to be folded, and much more chores needing to be done. I always feel that I am running around doing everything else, and poor little “Sew Reclaimed” is needing attention. I am just one person trying to do 4 or more jobs! Don’t misunderstand, I am not complaining, but sometimes it can become so overwhelming with trying to prioritize where my home business fits in with my home life. Most of the time, I will pick family over work. I am glad that God has blessed me to be able to stay at home, and have a home business, but I never knew there would be so much tedious work with networking, to advertising, and more networking! Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn,, Google Plus!! Ah! There has got to be a better way of bringing these all together. I try to link most of my account like Facebook to twitter, WordPress to Facebook, and LinkedIn….well I am lucky if I even check that! Hahaha! The good news is that I always start back with WordPress! This is where I come to reorganize my thoughts. It also make me just sit for a moment, jot down some notes, and clear my head. With that said, onward to “Sew Reclaimed”.

Oregon Sun Blogging!!

Oregon Sun Blogging!!


Today, I plan on getting ready for my Etsy Mother’s Day Sale! Yay!
Here are some of the listings I have up for sale for the Special Mom in your life.


New Low Price for Mother’s Day! 50’s-60’s Vintage Beaded Evening Purse, White $38.00 USD

ARCO 1960's Vintage Dolls Around The World, Lot of 3 $15.00 USD

ARCO 1960’s Vintage Dolls Around The World, Lot of 3
$15.00 USD

New Low Price! VINTAGE 1950'S-1960's Green Velvet Purse $14.00 USD

New Low Price! VINTAGE 1950’S-1960’s Green Velvet Purse
$14.00 USD


Antique Chatelaine Floral Tapestry Purse (Reduced!!) $50.00 USD

New Low Price! Antique Chatelaine Floral Tapestry Purse
$50.00 USD

Have a wonderful day! I know I will, but first back to the chores, Tomorrow is a Sew Day! Happy Sewing!

Almost Done Organizing!

Hi, “Reclaimers”! It has been a while since I have posted a blog, and I just wanted to write a quick note to say, “I’m still here!! LOL! Anyways, I am finishing up the last details of my sewing Office today. I hate finding places for all the last of my little nick-knacks, and I hope to never have to redo a sewing Office EVER again! It has been a two month ordeal, and I am so eager to get back to sewing dresses again!!!

Recently I bought a  more Industrial Serger! The Juki mo-654DE

I am so excited since this will allow me to start serging and reconstructing Sweaters!! I also just bought  the Katwise(C) Sweater Coat Tutorial! I am overjoyed at the thought of making these sweaters, since they are what inspired me to start sewing in the first place! Living in Oregon, sweaters are your fashion, and these sweaters are freaking awesome! I hope to make these in Children sizes! Of course that is after I make my own first! LOL!

Hmm, what else is new? Oh yeah, I also bought the really cool Daylight Table/Floor Magnifying Light!!! This thing is AMAZING! Especially, when you are trying to Applique! OMGOSH!! It is a Back Saver! I can finally sit upright while sewing those little-itty-bitty stitches that you have to be so precise about with ease! Here is a Photo of it: 71zsfYi1wgL._SL1500_81i9qpjwkhL._SL1500_71t96rnMddL._SL1500_


After having back surgery last September, this is now my BEST FRIEND!! Okay, enough about my spending spree!! Time to go finish Organizing! Hope you all are having a Beautiful Day! Happy Sewing!!

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My New Blog (Come Check it out!) Shenanigans of a Gluten Free Girl!

Hi Friends! Since Gluten Intolerance has taken over all my recipes, I just started a new blog where I will put all my Gluten Free Findings. That way I can free up this Sewing Blog (Sew Reclaimed) for just sewing! Yeah, why didn’t I think of that before….so with out further ado, I would like to introduce my New Blog:

“This blog is for my ramblings of being gluten intolerant, recipe finds, baking tips and baking FAILS! Come along with me and learn as I learn on how to be gluten free and healthy!”

Please come on over and Subscribe to my new Blog!208153_10150148679467186_3758419_n