Almost Done Organizing!

Hi, “Reclaimers”! It has been a while since I have posted a blog, and I just wanted to write a quick note to say, “I’m still here!! LOL! Anyways, I am finishing up the last details of my sewing Office today. I hate finding places for all the last of my little nick-knacks, and I hope to never have to redo a sewing Office EVER again! It has been a two month ordeal, and I am so eager to get back to sewing dresses again!!!

Recently I bought a  more Industrial Serger! The Juki mo-654DE

I am so excited since this will allow me to start serging and reconstructing Sweaters!! I also just bought  the Katwise(C) Sweater Coat Tutorial! I am overjoyed at the thought of making these sweaters, since they are what inspired me to start sewing in the first place! Living in Oregon, sweaters are your fashion, and these sweaters are freaking awesome! I hope to make these in Children sizes! Of course that is after I make my own first! LOL!

Hmm, what else is new? Oh yeah, I also bought the really cool Daylight Table/Floor Magnifying Light!!! This thing is AMAZING! Especially, when you are trying to Applique! OMGOSH!! It is a Back Saver! I can finally sit upright while sewing those little-itty-bitty stitches that you have to be so precise about with ease! Here is a Photo of it: 71zsfYi1wgL._SL1500_81i9qpjwkhL._SL1500_71t96rnMddL._SL1500_


After having back surgery last September, this is now my BEST FRIEND!! Okay, enough about my spending spree!! Time to go finish Organizing! Hope you all are having a Beautiful Day! Happy Sewing!!

Jackie has reached her Home


“I tell you, today you will be in paradise with me,” Jackie is with the Lord. Please continue to pray for peace for her husband and Children.

Originally posted on Friends and Family of Jackie Lewis:

Jackie is home with her Lord. Jackie

Bill says he felt her presence in a calm feeling at 10:30am, and wanted everyone to know that he appreciates their prayers, and knows, as Christ told the repentant thief on the cross, “I tell you, today you will be in paradise with me,” that Jackie too is with Christ in peace.

We all feel, however, the earthly loss of our dear friend, and are comforted in the knowledge that she is in heaven.

Please continue to pray for Bill and his children, Jacob, Eli, Bella and Nemo, that they would feel the strength and love of Christ more so now than ever.

And thank you all for your love and concern.  You are appreciated more than words can express.

“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not…

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Wednesday 10:24am Update


“Be joyful in hope, patient in tribulation, faithful in prayer. “(- Rom 12:12)
Please Join Me in Continuous Prayer for Jakie and her Family!

Originally posted on Friends and Family of Jackie Lewis:

The doctor has said the outcome of the ultrasound was “poor,” BUT we can take it as a good sign that they want to run more tests on brain swelling and brain activity!  There will not be more information for at least ninety minutes.  We can believe in the glimpse of hope…a glimpse that maybe, just maybe, the mountain is moving?!

The ICU waiting room AND the main-floor waiting room are full of friends and family of Jackie. (We can all pray for the other families unrelated to Jackie who are waiting their news as well.)

And say “move!” to the mountain in the name of Christ Jesus.

Be joyful in hope, patient in tribulation, faithful in prayer. (- Rom 12:12)

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MOM! My Favorite Shirt is too Short!!! Lenghthen Your Tee DIY


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My New Blog (Come Check it out!) Shenanigans of a Gluten Free Girl!

Hi Friends! Since Gluten Intolerance has taken over all my recipes, I just started a new blog where I will put all my Gluten Free Findings. That way I can free up this Sewing Blog (Sew Reclaimed) for just sewing! Yeah, why didn’t I think of that before….so with out further ado, I would like to introduce my New Blog:

“This blog is for my ramblings of being gluten intolerant, recipe finds, baking tips and baking FAILS! Come along with me and learn as I learn on how to be gluten free and healthy!”

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8 Easy Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipe Links

This will be my first gluten free Thanksgiving, since being diagnosed, “Gluten Intolerant”  back in March of this year. What is a Wife and Mom to do for the bounty of food I will have to make for Thanksgiving??? Yikes! I have been on the Internet searching for some easy to follow GF recipes based off some product that I already have in my Pantry like, Pamela’s Gluten free Bread mix, and Mama’s Coconut Flour Mix. Plus, I am also Lactose Intolerant,  and it is nice to know that I can use Almond Milk for a great way to thicken cream based soups like cream of mushroom instead of heavy cream. Here it is, my Thanksgiving Compiled Link List. I also included some links on tips for Freezing methods to help you have a more relaxed Gluten Free Thanksgiving by Freezing some of these goodies ahead of time!

Crockin’ Turkey

Gluten Free Gravy


1. Green Bean Casserole  (I will use dairy free Almond Milk!!)


Or…Use this Cream of Broccoli soup, and substitute broccoli with mushrooms, Plus learn how to make easy chicken stock!
Gluten free Pie Crust

2. Gluten Free Crust

3. Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie Using Almond Breeze


Dinner Rolls

Since all I have right now in my cupboard is Pamela’s Bread flour mix, I would assume that if I just add the 1t. baking soda to the 1lb loaf mix, since it does not list that as an ingredient, and then just follow the rest of the  instructions….it should come out as a dinner roll, right? I will let you all know how it works, but it should!
(Update: Nov. 21,2013 Pamela’s Bread Flour did NOT work. It was too think, and a bit tasteless. Here is the Video to make your own flour blend:

To Help make it a easy Gluten Free Thanksgiving, try freezing ahead of time your Gravy, Green Bean Casserole without your the fried onions, chicken stock, Stuffing and even your dinner rolls!! Here are some great techniques to do that!

Happy Thanksgiving You all, and always Happy Sewing!!

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