Crawling my way into Monday!

Slowly recovering from this horrible stomach flu! I have been in bed since Saturday Afternoon! I am starting feel a little better, but now have a horrible headache to boot. At least the acheyness is finally gone! 

Before I got sick, my daughter and I were working on our new Addi Machines. 

We have made some pretty nice beanies so far. 

We even made the scarf  on the small Addi.  Here is a better look at the beanie.

The brim is rolled, but I am learning how to crochet, so I could crochet the brims on the ones I sell.  In order to remember how I hold my yarn, I even took pictures! Lol!

I think I am getting the hang of it.

On Saturday, before I got really sick, I even bought a vintage dress form for my studio. 

Oh! I almost forgot! The most exciting find of the weekend was my new spinning wheel! You can now call me Rumpelstiltskin! 

In the next two month I will be taking a spinning wheel class! I am very excited! For now, I think I will sip on some green tea, and take a recovery Monday!

Have a good Monday! Happy Reclaiming!

Baa’aa’ck Again!

Okay, I must be really insane to go crazy at a thrift shop when I find raw wool!! Three large bags of it!!! 

Weird right?! People were walking all over this stuff and didn’t even stop to look at it. I saw it and my jaw dropped! I was like,  “Holy Lamb Chops! That is Wool!”.  What do I plan on doing with three large bags of raw wool you ask? What you see as stinky and smelly, I see something beautiful. I plan on washing it, Carding it, and dying it!! The end result will be something like this:

Look familiar now? Wool roving for Needle Felting!!! I will update you on how it turns out! This will be a new adventure! This takes reclaiming to a whole new level for me!! Happy Reclaiming!

Up-cycling Sweaters!!

Good morning reclaimers!
This morning the music is loud, the Oregon weather is stunning, and I’m chop-chop-chopping away sweaters!

I reopened my Etsy shop yesterday from vacation mode, and I’ve been sewing away! It feels great to be sewing again!

I even hemmed up two Denim jeans for client yesterday on my old vintage singer. After I was all done with the jeans, I then decided to keep working on my fingerless gloves. I found the pattern that I purchased a while back from Katwise . She is absolutely amazing, whimsical and inspirational to my sewing. She really brings back the fun to being a seamstress. Here is a Fun Katwise video if you want to take a look.

Yesterday, I worked on these fingerless gloves:

I’m really happy how they turned out, but they just needed a little more. The fabric is cashmere and merino wool and they are oh, so, soft too! I decided to felt them with adorable red hearts. I even ended up using some really soft wool yarn to write the word, “love”.

These babies are mine, But I do have enough of the same fabric to do two more gloves in the same pattern. I definitely will be putting those two pairs of gloves in my Etsy shop! Hooray!
Well, I better get back to
chop-chop-chopping away!
And serge-serge-serging away!
I also can’t forget to take advantage of this gorgeous beautiful day!

Happy Reclaiming!!

Back on the Sewing Wagon!

Hi Reclaimers! I’m in the sewing room today! Yay!

I finally found the perfect outfit for my upcycled sweater scarf. This got me thinking, what else can I make with Old ugly sweaters.

The scarf I’m wearing was from an old acrylic sweater that I had. I love the way the ruffles turned out. I love them so much, I wanted to see if I can make them into fingerless gloves.

So I grabbed my other ugly sweater, and got to “serging”.

I tried sewing this baby on the sewing machine. That was a big mistake. Sewing in the round and at a diagonal was not the preferred method. Hand stitching it was the best method. The nice thing about that was that I can see where I wanted to each ruffle to go. After stitching up my one Michael Jackson glove, it’s still need some embellishments. I tried buttons, lace, and flowers but nothing seems to fit right. I ended up felting a bright red heart.

I love how it turned out and I’m thinking of making more! Of course, I will still have to make the other matching glove, or I will be singing to the song of, “Thriller”! Haha!

I just love trying to figure out ways to use up my scrap fabric. Even the undesirable colors. Just by changing out the black thread on the serger, I would’ve had a totally different glove. So many creative thoughts going through my head right now.
Hope you guys have a wonderful day and happy reclaiming!!!

Update: I finished the other glove!


Sew Organized!

As of yesterday, I have now reached the sewing room! Today will be day two of the, “early spring purge”! I know, we’re not even close to spring, but I’m just getting an early start! Yesterday, I organized all my threads. I grouped all the Polyester Sheen Embroidery thread, all the 100% polyester, the buttonhole thread, the cotton covered polyester thread, and the thread that just was wrapped and didn’t really make sense together. It was a daunting and tedious task, but because at times I am a bit OCD, I wanted to make sure everything was grouped. That way when I’m actually looking for my 100% polyester thread it doesn’t take 15 minutes to find it within all the other threads!!

Now, everything is nice and organized on my pegboard and I could not be happier!

I tried using sticky notes to write what thread was what, but it kept falling off my pegboard. Then, I figured I would just use some yarn and use that as my divider!

As for my serger thread, I definitely need to buy some more metal pegs, since I’m kind of running out of room.


As you can see, I had to throw them up in my top cabinet which cannot be reached without a large step ladder!!!

After finishing up my thread, I then moved onto the daunting task of cleaning out my sewing closet!! Don don duh!!!


Nothing to see here!! Except for all my sewing shenanigans! It is been three years since I started Sew Reclaimed, and it seems that I’ve been blessed with a lot, but now it’s time for the purge!! Since I’m going to be transitioning Sew Reclaimed to more tailoring, it’s time to get rid of some of my fabric that’s less than a fat quarter. Although, I do plan on still making dresses for, “DAG“, I will definitely not be needing this much scrap fabric!
During all my organization, my little helper was so very helpful!


I’m just glad she wasn’t awake when I was doing the thread, otherwise that could’ve been an all day task!!!! Is she not adorable!! Well, I’m off to finishing the organization of my closet, downsizing my fabric, reorganizing my shipping boxes, and hopefully start on a pillowcase dress for DAG. Hope y’all are having a great day, and as always, Happy Reclaiming!!

Mr. Bill says bye to! Actually, he really does say, “Oh Noooooo! 😁

Remodeling is exhausting!

Good morning reclaimers! Let me tell you how my morning is going so far. All was quiet when we awoke this morning. Too quiet! As we looked over at our alarm clock, we realized that it did not go off! Here it was, 7 o’clock, when we were supposed to get up at six! I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! We all jumped out of bed, rushed to get dressed, and rushed out the door! I didn’t even have time to make the kids lunches. Well, enough about me, let’s show you what we’ve been doing!

This first picture shows you the fireplace we repainted white, and the candleholder in the inside, I repainted turquoise. The bottles and the horse in the basket on the floor are also painted turquoise. The vintage sled on the wall we found at the Goodwill and that really brought back fond memories for my husband, since he used to live in Alaska. Last time I wrote, I told you that I was planning on doing something with chicken wire. Thanks to Pinterest, I found a great solution to my lampshades! Here is the Pinterest link!
Here’s one of my lampshades that will soon be chicken wired!

I also have two floor lamps:

I still can’t believe that we actually ripped off our lampshades, but there just wasn’t enough light in my living room. Now it’s really bright in the house, but I am really looking forward to the chickenwire!

Another thing we painted was my really big mirror in the hallway. I bought this mirror at Ross for like $20 a couple of years ago.

It also was dark and dingy in the hallway. We decided to go with
Rust-Oleum 2X Ivory. You could see here by our spray paint we were unsure what color to go with.

The mirror turned out fabulous and I am very please with the color. It really brightened up the hallway!

The vintage fridge! We were going back-and-forth on what color to paint our refrigerator! First it was retro red, then teal, then Tiffany blue! We ended up having a more baby blue, but it still gives us that vintage color we were looking for. It’s really difficult finding that exact color that you want. We ended up buying X-O Rust Professional. I had talked to the lady at True Value and she was telling me that if I were to use the latex paint, which I was planning on doing, that since we were still in the middle of winter it may take forever for the refrigerator to dry! She had suggested the X-O spray paint. The paint color is light blue, but it was pretty close to the Tiffany blue without the green hue. I was willing to give it a try since the color of my fridge was hideous! Here are the results:

As you can see from the side of the refrigerator we are definitely not done spray painting it. We soon realized after a couple of sprays of the paint, it does tend to get everywhere, so this is definitely not an inside project. This project will probably have to wait until Oregon has some sunnier days, then we can actually take it outside and finish the job. Until then, I will probably still be on the hunt for some Tiffany Blue paint, since that is the real color that I really wanted. Although, the blue is growing on me, and it really does give that vintage vibe!
Now, I’m off to making school lunches for my kids and dropping them off, thanks to my jumpstart morning. No sewing today! Have a great day reclaimers!

The Mini Remodel Begins!

It is been a year of planning! What color scheme should we go with? What color should we paint our cabinets? What color are we painting our furniture? Do we buy a wood stove? Where do we put it in our small home?
This whole time planning, I’ve been working with half of a countertop, the other half is ripped up, and A French door that’s about ready to just fall apart! Here’s a picture of my half countertop.


The last two nights my husband and I have been spray painting furniture. Try doing that in the wind and rain! Probably not the best idea. Especially, after finding out that this week is going to be partly cloudy and sunny. Sometimes, you just have to see something finished to get motivated….and the easiest way to get something finished, is the spray paint it! Here is what my old singer looked like before.


Here’s what it looks like now. It’s still unfinished because I plan on doing some Decoupage on the wood, but it turned out fabulous! The spray paint I used was, “Rust- olium painters touch ultra cover paint and primer 2X”. And the color was, “satin heirloom white”.


My other singer we painted is the one we use for our laptop. Here’s the before:

And here is the after. We used rust-oleum ultra cover paint and primer 2X. The color is,” Gloss Seaside”

I plan on stenciling the top with some white using Martha Stewart Decoupage stencils. I found these at Michael’s.


After doing these first pieces of furniture. We realize that we really like the teal with the heirloom white, so we went with it. We decided that we needed just a little more teal in the house just to kind accent and tie it all in. The fun part of this whole project is using everything that we already own. Is amazing to see things that you own transformed into something totally new!

We even painted our wine rack…and yes, it’s heirloom white.

Now, here’s a a great idea that I found on Pinterest! Thank God for Pinterest! Yes, I am a Pinterest junkie, but so is my husband! He loves building all the industrial stuff. This idea allows you to use old reclaimed windows and turn them into whiteboards! The great thing about this idea is that the color choices for the background or infinite! Here is ours after: “see bottom of the page for the before picture”

It’s not on the wall yet, but it when it’s all done, I’ll retake the picture and update it for you all!
What’s next on the agenda? Another Pinterest project we plan on taking on, and it involves chickenwire. Lots of chicken wire! But for this week it’s more painting. Here is some of the things that we still have to paint. My faux Sunjel fireplace.

Our old reclaimed wood door, our entertainment rack, and an old wicker chest. Until the next blog, I hope you’re all getting some sewing in…I did When my neighbor came over because their comforter exploded in the dryer and It needed to be sewn up for them! “Sew Reclaimed” to the rescue!!
What reclaimed projects are you working on? I’d love to see pictures! Check out my Facebook page and share a picture, or just say, “hi”. And as always Happy Reclaiming!!

PS, for some reason mobile editing doesn’t allow me to insert a picture in the middle of the paragraph, so here is the before picture of the reclaimed windows.


Happy New Year Reclaimers!

One of my New Year’s resolution this year is to become a Fourseason Winter Gardener. My second resolution is to become a homestead chicken farmer and to try not to kill our chickens. Last night we were working on the hoop houses for the front yard garden. The one you see pictured turned out fabulous other than the fact that the height was a little too tall. We plan on fixing that today. I read that if you use Christmas lights during the freezing temperatures it holds a good nonfreezing temperature for the plants in the house. Not to mention it looks fabulous! Who wouldn’t want Christmas lights all your round!!

Originally, we were planning on doing regular hoops, but the PVC that we had was too thick and we could not bend it that short of a distance. My husband did some engineering and this is the pattern he came up with. I really like it so much that I think will do it for the rest of our hoop houses. By having the squared corner tops, we can use this to hold the Longboards and plastic as we are harvesting. The top also functions well for holding the Christmas line. We just used zip ties to anchor it to the PVC. As we put the plastic over our hoop house we realized that the PVC was just a little too high…so today will be shortening the legs.

Here’s what our beds look like before the hoops:


Here’s my long line of Christmas lights:

I’m a happy camper! My third resolution this year, is to become a much better blogger! Now that I know what, “Siri” is, blogging just got a whole lot easier for me!!! To be able to voice record my blogs and edit them… this has made my life so much easier!! I hope you all had a happy and safe New Year’s, and I wish you all the best this 2015!!! Cheers!

Christmas Play Bonnets

Hi everyone! Well, it’s been a while, again, so rest a sure I’m still here. I’ve been taking a small sabbatical from Sew Reclaimed, and I’ve been taking some advance tailoring classes. It has been such a learning experience. There’s still so much I need to learn. I’m very excited about this new adventure in adding tailoring to my business. What project have I’ve been working on lately you say? My daughter and her friend were getting ready for a Christmas play this week and they both needed bonnets. I dug deep into my vintage patterns and I found this fabulous vintage bonnet pattern! They turned out fabulous and the girls are really excited! As for my Etsy shop, it’s all open again, and I will soon be adding more great things to my Etsy Shop. I also will be heading down to the downtown Corvallis Mother Goose shop, and be adding more dresses soon. I hope you guys are all having a great day and happy reclaiming!IMG_2228-0.JPG


Cooking Under Pressure Has a Double Meaning!

It has been a while again! I have had so much going on this Summer!

Cooking under Pressure has  a Double Meaning!

Cooking under Pressure has a Double Meaning!

Shoveling rock, De-cluttering our whole house, trying to paint cabinets, trying to get ready to build an awning which means more shoveling rock…I HATE ROCK!



Add to that all the the Time ticking down to the Oregon Rainy Season coming soon, and you have a lot of pressure to get it all done soon! When your in the midst of it all you don’t realize how much pressure really is building up until you finally let off steam, and usually needless words are said.  JA, (my hubby) and I been arguing like cats and dogs. Lately, it has been over how to do a job, like clean a Garage! He will shuffles things to one side, clear out stuff, and then a couple of days later, shuffle them to another side and clean De-clutter as he goes, but not thoroughly. Me, I like to clean, git rid of stuff, toss, and trash! I hate to have to go through things two or three times. JA, will hang onto things he might see useful in the future so he does not have to buy it again. Me, I can’t stand clutter, and if you haven’t seen it in three or should I say Seven Years!! Then you don’t need it! LOL! Although, he has proven me wrong many of times, and yes, we would have to buy something I just tossed….and usually it seems to happen the following week!!  This time I tried to do something different, and let him lead with the Garage. Boy, oh boy, did I learn something about myself… I am not very patient with letting him lead. It took every fiber in my being to not say a word, but the body language was still there! Arms crossed, set jaw, clenched teeth, and of course my eyes always give me away! Here I was angry at him for wanting to clean the garage his way, when I should have been happy he wanted to clean the garage at all!  I wanted it done my way, fast, even if that meant getting rid of everything, and starting over. I am good at starting overs. I went to 6 different schools by the time I was in 5th grade!  I thought of myself adaptable. What I didn’t see was that starting over may make you feel good with a clean slate, but seeing things through and taking the time to get there builds character. I could just feel the chisels that God has been working on me this last Summer.

My Cat threw up on my sewing chair! Hosed it down!

My Cat threw up on my sewing chair! Hosed it down!

Now we are moving into Fall. The Kids are back in School, my Husband started a new job, and I have more time at home to do what I do best. De-pressurize the Homestead! Which leads me to my next story, and how I even got to the topic of Pressure:


Family Time! My kids are Hilarious! They wanted me to title this one, “Slender-man in the Woods!”.

Last night, I made Kung Pao Chicken…I even pressure cooked my chicken, which is new to me and this will now be my second time using it. I was so proud of myself and just when I had everything done, I had to add a Cornstarch slurry. I soon realized after dumping the slurry mixture that it was not thickening up, and it had a weird fizzing action when I put it in the water?! Low and behold I added Baking Powder! UGH! I nearly bald my eyes out! I quickly ran to the internet just to find I was not alone in this mistake, and it was a good thing that baking soda was edible! The other good news it that there was enough Siracha sauce and chicken stock to hide any metallic taste from the baking soda. Hahaha! I added the cornstarch and dinner was saved, plus dinner for tonight so I have more time to sew. I think that is why I was about to ball my eyes out. It was  because I made enough so I would have more time to finish up my much needed sewing projects for today! I put a lot of pressure on myself  to keep moving, keep going, don’t stop, you have a lot to do!! Here I am trying to De-pressurize the flow of  cooking, by making  one meal that will serve two dinners, and one ingredient of CORN STARCH almost set me over the deep end! I have to laugh at it today when I think about it. It wasn’t the corn starch, it was Expectations. My expectations  got in the way, my high hopes of  not having dinner to make the next day. My expectations of having time to sew more dresses, and having more time to write this blog that I have been neglecting.

Me Time. Planted some Rosemary and Thyme. Smells amazing!

Me Time. Planted some Rosemary and Thyme. Smells amazing!

Why are these so important to me? Because they are my me time. They are my outlets. Sewing is like therapy for me, and at one point in my life it really was. God was my ultimate healer, but sewing helped me focus on something other than my severe anxiety 3 years ago. Writing, well that has always been with me. I write more than I talk. I spend a lot of time observing. Most of the time it isn’t until I write something down, that things become clear to me. Like now. Relax!! Get your self some tea, turn on some music, and enjoy the PROCESS of it all, or I will have a miserable time.

Painted my Bench red. I love red!

Painted my Bench red. I love red!

In Conclusion, I figured out that I have a choice. I choose Freedom. Freedom from expectations, and Freedom from self added pressure. It is easier said that done, but I have to try, or I will whistle like my pressure cooker and explode on the people I hold dear.  I know this isn’t my normal blogging style, but it fits. It’s me. I am, “Sew Reclaimed”. I gave my business this title because of all the meanings it has for me. Not only am I sewing reclaimed clothing, but I also am “Reclaimed” by my Creator Jesus.  He brought sewing into my life during my darkest days. Maybe, someday I will share, but for now I leave with the verse Motto of Sew Reclaimed and the verse I read today.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my blurb. God Bless!

I am “Sew Reclaimed” 2 Corinthians 6:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

{Reclaimed: Re-purposed, rescued, restored, salvaged, vintage, repaired, revived, recycled, reused, renewed, refinished, saved by grace.}

My verse I read for today:

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.


Blooper! I thought I had to write, “Yikes” backwards so you could read it, but I was wrong! LOL! Have a Blessed Day!